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Online Lesson

60' online lesson with Roberto Prosseda, Alessandra Ammara, Luigi Attademo, Andrea Oliva, Alessandro Carbonare, Boris Berman: 150 euro

Online lessons will be held on platform (student must register for free from

Alternatively, for those students who prefer it, it is also possible to conduct the lesson on the ZOOM platform, with the High Fidelity Music Mode option.

For higher audio quality in online lessons, the following requirements are recommended:

Use a computer (PC or Mac) with an up-to-date operating system, at least 8 GB of Ram and i5 processor or higher. In any case, the platform also works with smartphones or tablets.

Use an up-to-date browser (Chrome is recommended) and close other browser windows and all other applications.

Use headset and external microphone. USB microphones are recommended, such as the Apogee Mic Plus or Mic96, the Rode NT-USB or NT-USB Mini, and the Blue Yeti.

Have an Internet connection (possibly fiber) with at least 30 Mbits download and 15 Mbits upload. It is recommended to connect the computer via Ethernet cable, if possible, as the WiFi connection may have less stability. Adjust the microphone level manually, making sure the sound does not distort in the fortissimo.

Lessons in presence at Musicafelix, Prato Italy:

It is possible to book a single lesson (120 minutes) in presence at Musicafelix (via Baldinucci 24, Prato, Italy), with Alessandra Ammara or Roberto Prosseda. The cost is 300 euros, for every lesson of 120 minutes.


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