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Studio Benelli Mosell, home of MUSICAFELIX, is often used by professional pianists for audio-video recordings. 
It has a system of four HD cameras with variable optics, controlled by the Blackmagic Atem Pro Iso, and various microphones for both instruments and vocals. The internet connection via fiber allows high quality live streaming events, with maximum ease of use.

Musicafelix also offers students who opt for a multi-year course the possibility of preparing for two years and recording a master's degree, to achieve commercial publication with an internationally distributed label. 

Among the pianists who have already recorded at MUSICAFELIX, we remember Maurizio Baglini (Decca), Vanessa Benelli Mosell (Decca), Massimo Salotti (Da Vinci), Alberto Bocini (NBB Records) and various students of MUSICAFELIX who have recorded their first CD for Brilliant Classics:

  • Gaia Sokoli (the 3 Sonatas by Fanny Mendelssohn and the cycle "Das Jahr")

  • Michele Tozzetti (Bernstein Piano Works)

  • Paolo Zentilin (the 12 Sonatas by Giustini, 3 CDs)

  • Maria Argentiero (Tansman Piano Music)

  • Cecilia Facchini (Sgambati Piano Music)

The studio is also equipped with a Graf N. 429 fortepiano (1820), restored in 2023 by the “Bartolomeo Cristofori” Academy of Fortepiano in Florence, and a second Boston 155 piano.

For information on the rental conditions of the studio for professional recordings, contact the secretariat:

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