Annual piano course by Roberto Prosseda and Alessandra Ammara

22 May 22

Registrations are now open for Roberto Prosseda and Alessandra Ammara's annual piano course, 2022-23.

There are two lesson packages, to be completed by July 2023:
- 6 hours of lessons (3 two-hour sessions, or 2 three-hour sessions). Cost of attendance: 800 euros.
- 12 hours of lessons (divided into 6 two-hour sessions, or 4 three-hour sessions). Cost of attendance: 1400 euros.

Attendance fees must be paid in full before the start of the first lesson. Each student can choose which of the two teachers to study with. It is also possible to divide the lessons between the two teachers. All the recordings can be videorecorded (stereo, multicamera) and the student will have a private Youtube link to watch them.

Piano students aged 15 and over can register by filling the online form, or by sending an e-mail to by 15 September 2022, including two Youtube links with video performances of the candidate and an updated biography. By September 20, 2022, the candidates selected for the entrance exam will be contacted by the secretariat. The admission exam is set for 1 October 2022 starting at 10, at MUSICAFELIX. The repertoire for the admission exam must include pieces for a total duration of at least 30 minutes, including at least one Sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert and a Studio by Chopin or Liszt.

Candidates who pass the admission exam will be able to complete the registration by paying the tuition fee to: Associazione Mendelssohn via Erbosa 94, 59100 Prato. Iban: IT60 J030 6909 4841 0000 0010 956 BIC / Swift: BCITITMM Paypal: For more information, please contact Musicafelix office at