Boris Berman's online piano lessons

MUSICAFELIX is honored to announce that the great pianist and teacher Boris Berman, Head of Piano at Yale University, will give online piano lessons for Musicafelix, on the platform, with a sound quality far superior to other common videoconferencing platforms. The date of the lesson will be agreed with the student, depending on the availability of Mr. Berman. Before the lesson, once the payment has been made, the student will send a recording of his/her playing of the piece he/she intends to study during the lesson, which Mr. Berman will listen to before the lesson. 


One lesson of 60 minutes: 220 Euros
Two lessons of 60 minutes: 400 Euros
Three lessons of 60 minutes: 540 Euros

Payment must be made in advance, via bank transfer (IBAN: IT60 J030 6909 4841 0000 0010 956 BIC/Swift: BCITITMM) or via Paypal (   

For further info, please contact MUSICAFELIX:

MUSICAFELIX office will provide new students with a login and password to access the site and book lessons.

For better audio quality in online lessons, we recommend the following requirements: use a computer (PC or Mac) with updated operating system, with at least 8 GB of Ram and i5 processor or higher.
Use an updated browser (Chrome is recommended) and close the other browser windows and all other applications.   
Use a headset and external microphone. We recommend USB microphones, such as Apogee Mic Plus or Mic96, Rode NT-USB or NT-USB Mini, Blue Yeti.
Have an internet connection (possibly fiber) with at least 30 Mbits in download and 15 Mbits in upload. It is recommended to connect your computer via Ethernet cable, if possible, as the WiFi connection may be less stable.  
Adjust the microphone level manually, making sure that the sound is not distorted in the loudest part. 


Musica Felix launches a new platform for online piano lessons

From April 1, 2020, Musica Felix has activated, a new platform for online music lessons given by our teachers Alessandra Ammara and Roberto Prosseda.

The online lessons will allow students already enrolled in the annual course to complete their educational path.

It is now also possible for external students to book a package of lessons online, with Alessandra Ammara or with Roberto Prosseda:

  • 60-minute single lesson: 150 euros
  • 6-hour lesson package: 700 euros
  • 12-hour lesson package: 1200 euros

New students can apply by sending an email to indicating the chosen package and attaching two video links with performances by the student on the piano. After the confirmation of admission by Musica Felix, the student can proceed to pay the attendance fee to Associazione Mendelssohn, by bank transfer (IBAN: IT60 J030 6909 4841 0000 0010 956 BIC/Swift: BCITITMM) or Paypal (   

After receiving the payment, th secretary will sent a login and password to access the site and book the lessons.

For a better audio quality in the online lessons, the following requirements are recommended:

  • Use a computer (PC or Mac) with an updated operating system (RAM 8 GB and  i5 processor or higher). The platforms also works with smartphones and tablets.
  • Use an updaed browser, and close all the other windows and applications.
  • Use headphones and an external microphone. USB microphones such as Blue Yeti, Apogee MicPlus or Mic96,   Rode NT-USB or NT-USB Mini are recommended.
  • Use a broadband internet connection with at least 30 Mbits in download and 15 Mbits in upload and Ping less than 20 Ms.
  • It is recommended to connect the computer via Ethernet cable, if possible, since the WiFi connection may have less stability. 

Applications open for the second edition of the Daedalus Project

Musicafelix is proud to be co-founder of the project "Daedalus - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", conceived by Cristina Barbuti and Alexander Lonquich, in collaboration with Tommaso Lonquich, Alessandra Ammara and Roberto Prosseda. Musicafelix is the venue of part of the seminars and master classes of the Daedalus project. More details here.

Teachers: Alessandra Ammara and Roberto Prosseda

Three teaching modules are planned, to be completed by July 2020:
- 6 hours of lessons (3 meetings of two hours, or 2 meetings of three hours). Cost of attendance: 700 euros.
- 12 hours of lessons (can be divided into 6 two-hour meetings, or 4 three-hour meetings). Cost of attendance: 1200 euros.
- 24 hours of lessons (divided into 12 two-hour meetings, or 8 three-hour meetings). Cost of attendance: 1800 euros.
Attendance fees must be paid in full before the start of the first lesson.

Each student can choose which of the two teachers to study with. It is also possible to divide the lessons between the two teachers.


Master classes

In addition to the annual courses, Musicafelix also organizes a series of master classes of internationally renowned teachers, open to both students and external and actual students.

Registration for a single master class takes place by sending an email to including name, surname, birthdate and repertoire. The payment of the attendance fee must be paid before the start of the master class via Paypal ( or bank transfer (Iban: IT60 J030 6909 4841 0000 0010 956 BIC / Swift: BCITITMM). Students enrolled in the annual MUSIC FELIX course in the year 2019/20 are entitled to a 50% discount on the frequency of each master class.

Piano students aged 15 and over can register by sending an e-mail to, by 15 September 2019, the registration form (including two Youtube links with video performances by the candidate) and an updated biography. By September 20, 2019, candidates selected for the admission exam will be contacted by the secretariat. The admission exam is scheduled for Tuesday 1 October 2019 starting at 10 am, at MUSICAFELIX. The repertoire for the entrance exam must include pieces for a total duration of at least 30 minutes, including at least one Sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert and one by Chopin or Liszt. Candidates who pass the admission exam can complete their enrollment by paying the registration fee of 100 euros, headed to: Mendelssohn Association, via Abamonti 1, 20129 Milan. Iban: IT60 J030 6909 4841 0000 0010 956 BIC / Swift: BCITITMM Paypal: The registration form can be downloaded here


Two scholarships of 500 euros each will be offered by Yamaha Italia for the two best students of the 24-hour annual module, for the 2019/20 academic year. The scholarship winners will be indicated by the professors at the end of the academic year, in June 2020.